Jack Frost paints Blue Heaven with crystal

Posted on December 28, 2009


Babs Young writes:  Well it’s the last picture of this year and this decade. I’ve been sending these since 2003 and have sent over 250 photos. I have enjoyed taking and sending each one. I didn’t have to go far for this one as it was right here in Blue Heaven, just up the hill from my house. Earlier this past week we had this hoarfrost painting the trees with these white ice crystals, which I love.  Happy New Year to everyone!! I’ll be back in 2010.

And isn’t that a good thing!  Dunno what we’d do around here without Babs to dress the place up.  Shortly after Torch Lake Views began back in 2008, Chris Szejbach suggested that Babs might be willing to have some of her photos posted.  That was one of the best ideas anyone ever had.  From my point of view, it has been a match made in Blue Heaven . . . or at the very least in the back booth at Sonny’s, which is pretty much the same thing.  Happy New Year indeed.  I can hardly wait to see what 2010 brings. 

Every week photographer Babs Young captures moments in northern Michigan, and every week she sends one to Torch Lake Views just for you. You can find more of her photos at the Babs Young Photo Archives and on her Blue Heaven Flickr photostream.