Things to do, places to go, and a view to rest the weary spirit

Posted on December 19, 2009


It is my habit to retrieve the Record-Eagle at the end of our morning walk, get all of us inside and fed, pour a cup of coffee, and sit down to read every darned thing.* Thus it was that I read this morning’s horoscope: What you see, though it’s nothing unusual, will astound you. You will be filled with a quiet wonder at what this drama is all about. Make some small effort to solve this question and you will be amply rewarded.

Yup. That pretty much sums up the day I have planned, insofar as planning can be said to enter into days around here. Wander about looking at the ordinary details of life in the Township and surrounds, find them astonishing and quietly wonderful, seek to understand the story behind it all, and be rewarded with another little nugget for Torch Lake Views.

Reading the paper reminded me of several things I’ve been meaning to bring to your attention, all of them fun. (And yes, there are gift shops at all of these, so you can buy great stuff if you are still looking for presents.)

  • The Raven Hill Winter Solstice Celebration! It’s a lovely thing. On Monday afternoon (December 21) you can visit the museum (between East Jordan and Ellsworth up on top of the big hill on Fuller Road) and stay all cozy and warm inside. You can snowshoe the trails to the Ancient World exhibit, or through the Raven Ridge preserve. You can study “time” or spend some of it in the animal room or in buying handmade and beautiful Christmas presents for children and adults (think extraordinary glass beads, Shibori scarves, tiny treasures, or a gift membership for a family you love). There will be a bonfire, there will be excellent treats, and there will be discovery and wonder. Call 231.536.3369 for more information. 
  • Movies at the Music House! I am deeply grateful to my friend Karen for introducing me to the silent film series at the Music House and Buster Keaton. I laughed so hard that everyone else in the theatre was amazed. On Saturday (December 26) you can see Keaton in The Playhouse and Charlie Chaplin in The Rink and The Cure. Best of all, there will be musical accompaniment on the Wurlitzer Theatre Organ. Actually, the Music House is tremendous fun to visit anytime during the holidays, for children as well as adults. Call 231.938.9300 or visit online: Music House.
  • Free admission to the Dennos!  This one is tomorrow, Sunday, December 20.  Sorry to take so long to tell you about it.  If you miss the free visit, you can still go see River of Gold for a very reasonable admission until the end of March.  But don’t dilly-dally.  The Arts of the Woodland Indians closes on January 3.

If it happens that you’re simply exhausted from all the holiday preparations and wish only to rest your weary spirit, take a look at the view from Cora Stoppert’s bluff above Grand Traverse Bay. 

This should hold you until I get back from my rounds with tales of quiet wonder.  That, um, will be awhile, as I am scheduled to be at the day job for a large chunk of the afternoon, which seriously cuts into wandering time.  Fortunately, other people on their rounds frequently drop by the day job with stories of the astonishing things they’ve seen.  It all works out.  Stay tuned.

*(And yes, I did notice Lindsay VanHulle’s front page story, Proposal: Wine could flow at local farm markets. Food for thought, eh?)