And a ho ho ho from Bellaire

Posted on December 19, 2009


Tonight I was in Bellaire to meet a friend for dinner.  As I prowled the length of Bridge Street hunting for a place to stash the car, I looked over and saw Santa and Mrs. Claus sauntering into Toonie’s.  Even this far north you don’t see that every day.  Outmaneuvering a less motivated driver, I claimed the last parking spot in Antrim County and trotted off in pursuit of an interview with the celebrity couple.

There they were, in Booth #1 right up front, waiting for their sausage and corn chowder.  Oh wait, that was me.  I don’t know what they ordered.  I asked if I could capture them for posterity, or at least for a blog post, and they agreed. 

The Clauses, as you might expect, are very nice people.  When they are not out making everyone merry in the Village of Bellaire, they are Rob and Deb Younce.  He has a genealogy obsession. She has a lot of tolerance for that sort of thing. Would I, Deb inquired, like to sit on Santa’s lap and have my photo taken?  I would indeed.

And to all a good night.