Katherine’s chickadee

Posted on November 25, 2009


I’ve been watching little patches of blue float past and thinking how the little patches of sunlight that follow them cheer me right up. Then I opened my email. Katherine’s been watching the birds outside her window and musing about the spelling of gray—or grey.

So. Black and white photo. Shades of gray, or grey, take your choice. Very November. But it has a chickadee in it. Chickadees are just about the most appealing little birds in Michigan. They’re bouncy and brash without being obnoxious about it. They never seem to complain. They’re around all year, keeping me company during the snowiest months. They always look tidy.

So . . . on the second day in a row when I have to go spend way too much money on car repairs I look at a chickadee and smile. I think about how I’m doing the car repairs so I can go visit Rob the Firefighter and the Lady Alicia for Thanksgiving. I think that the drive is going to be a bear, featuring quantities of “wintry mix,” but I am unreasonably, or perhaps reasonably, cheerful. And thankful.

For every dog-doting pie-munching wiseacre member of my family, from coast to coast. For Miss Sadie and the Cowboy and Miss Puss. For the friends who’ve known me since I was tiny and the ones I’ve met this year. For good neighbors. For Torch Lake Views contributors like Katherine and Babs and Katy and Bruce and Chris and Norton and Donna and all the commenters, who always teach me so much. For pixelated pals from everywhere. For readers like you.

And for chickadees.