The water, and under the water, the history

Posted on October 17, 2009


Scott Thomas (Views Infinitum), a photographer from the lake district of western New York, made an assignment: Water, he wrote, moves, stands still, creates and destroys.  Capture it.

Around here, the water has pretty much captured us.  It’s our livelihood, our passion, our cradle, our place of rest.  And below the surface there are echoes of our history. 

Torch Lake cribs

“The cribs” are still there offshore.  The huge log frames filled with rocks were the foundation for lumbering era docks.  They can shelter fish, tear a hole in your boat, tell you a story.  Once upon a time, they say, this lake was not a placid resort.  Once upon a time this was a hardscrabble frontier that promised opportunity.  Wounded veterans of the Civil War came here to make new lives.  Enterprising souls came to make their fortunes in the Gilded Age.  Then the lumber was all gone, and life moved on.  It always does.  The water remains.  It’s worth remembering that when the water is gone, life on this planet will be gone, too.

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