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Can you stand more about morels?

May 20, 2010


If you are not sick and tired of morels yet you will enjoy this. Come with me to Sonny’s. Visit the Amazing Mushroom, up close and personal. Marvel at Mama Nature’s inventiveness. (This is my first experiment with a WordPress slideshow, and if you are on slooow dialup as I am you may wish to […]

White alligator

February 3, 2010


This is Bruce Laidlaw’s response to Scott Thomas’s White Challenge.   There are no monsters in our summer lakes.  But in the winter . . .  all I can say is the bobcat better watch his step.

November Up North

November 18, 2009


As you might expect, November in the north country is . . . quiet.  The roadside park at Birch Lake is closed and the road it’s beside is blessedly empty. Which is a good thing, as there are suicidal deer everywhere, doing their best to wreck my car with me in it. We’ve had an abundant […]

The tale of the goosefoot, Girl Sadie and the Cattleman

October 23, 2009


Regular readers may remember a springtime post about the goosefoot maples that grow around the Writing Studio and Baitshop.  This month I noticed their leaves have faded to pale yellow, and look even more like goose feet. I’ve also noticed that the spring post (Caught goosefooted at the end of a lingering spring) was plagiarized, text, […]

The water: Always the lake

October 19, 2009


Katherine has weighed in on Scott Thomas’s Water Assignment.* She writes: In between finding the last of the tomatoes, getting the garden ready for winter and walking the dog, there’s, always the lake. At times calm, serene, quiescent with the potential to tear boats from their moorings and destroy rafts. It’s another beautiful day in the neighborhood and […]

The water, and under the water, the history

October 17, 2009


Scott Thomas (Views Infinitum), a photographer from the lake district of western New York, made an assignment: Water, he wrote, moves, stands still, creates and destroys.  Capture it. Around here, the water has pretty much captured us.  It’s our livelihood, our passion, our cradle, our place of rest.  And below the surface there are echoes of our […]