Babs meets the Great Pumpkin (carver)

Posted on October 12, 2009


In her latest missive Babs writes: This is Ray Villafane who lives near here in Bellaire and is a very well known sculptor and Pumpkin carver. Check out the pumpkin tutorial on the Villafane Studios website. Ray carved the pumpkin below on Saturday Oct. 10 at the Iron Horse barn between Central Lake and Ellsworth during an event sponsored by Parkside Arts Council.

Villafane at Iron Horse

There are lots of photos of his incredible work on Ray’s MySpace page, and you can watch him carving pumpkins on the Food Network soon. Last year he won the contest and $10,000. Check for him again this year.

Note: You can also revisit Villafane’s Obama Pumpkin on Punkin Time. And Babs . . . I want to know more about that tattoo! 

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