Blood, bridge, books – your typical UTLA potluck.

Posted on October 13, 2009


Today was just one of those days. Work work work at the other day job, hardly a moment outdoors (and wasn’t THAT a good thing it’s COLD out there). Just as I was telling myself to get home and tend to little dogs waiting at home with their paws crossed, I spotted a crowd in the Community Room at the Township Hall.

Wait, wait . . . could it be? It could. I had completely forgotten the UTLA monthly potluck, largely because I am so seldom able to go. But here was a golden opportunity–and it smelled good. Fifteen minutes to dash home, let the dogs out, get them to come back in by promising them supper (that is one of the words they know), and dash back.

Bliss. There were leftovers. I was starving, so just about anything would have tasted good, including the supper I fed to Miss Sadie and the Cowboy. However, the ham and potato casseroles (there were two and I had large helpings of each) and the curried chicken were outstanding. Besides, there were desserts. No pictures of the food. I was busy.

After I licked everyone’s plate, there was a short business meeting and Announcements. I thought you might like to know about those, as you are welcome to participate in any of this stuff.

Ed Knoechel says Give Blood--Get CookiesEd Knoechel wanted everyone to know that there will be a blood drive at the Presbyterian Church in Elk Rapids on November 2 . . . and there will be cookies.

Judy King says the bridge bunch is offering beginners’ lessons at the Central Lake District Library starting on Wednesday, October 14 at 10 AM. (She’s going to email us the details.)  This is convenient, as right after that, at noon, the Book Club will meet in the same place to discuss Jerry Dennis’s The Living Great Lakes: Searching for the Heart of the Inland Seas.

Living Great Lakes coverI have even read this book, so I think I’ll go to Book Club, bearing my brown bag lunch. I like Jerry Dennis’s work in general, and I thought this was a particularly fine example. The Outdoor Writers Association of America agreed with me and named it the Best Book of 2003. I haven’t begun to read all the outdoor books of 2003, but on the evidence I do have, they probably didn’t make a mistake. Neither did the folks who selected the book for the 2009 TC Reads “one book one community” event.

Donna Lane says Leave the CenterpiecesDonna Lane–you remember Donna, she sends you photos of car shows and notices about the Traverse Area Camera Club–Donna reminded everyone to leave the centerpieces there so they can be used next year. You might think that’s not a big deal, but hey, you have to like thriftiness in these times. So next fall the same tiny football helmets and miniature pigskins will greet you at a fall UTLA potluck. I only hope there will be more Spartan Green helmets and fewer blue ones and red ones because, well, really, why? (For those of you from Away . . . never mind.)

Full disclosure: Even after cleaning my plate twice and having two helpings of dessert, I made off with a serving of cherry pecan bread pudding for my Tuesday breakfast.  Donna Miller brought it, and she confessed that it was not homemade but bought at Pearl’s.  Well.  I love Pearl’s bread pudding.  Any bets on whether it survives until breakfast time?