Attention: There will be summer this weekend

Posted on September 2, 2009


For all of you who have wondered if there would ever be a summer, YES!  Summer is scheduled to arrive this weekend.  Fortunately, there are some wonderful things you can do This Summer, even if it is only three days long.  Get out there and do them.  Think how bad you’ll feel if you miss the whole season.  (I would show you pictures, but I am in the throes of Computer Issues and cannot upload anything.  Hold a good thought for me, will you?)

  • Go to the Torch Bay Nature Preserve.  Sit on the beach and watch the waves.  Swim a little.  Rockhound a little.  Find some beach peas or goldenrod or Queen Anne’s lace or wild asters.  (I really wish I could show you some pictures.  Sigh.)
  • Join the poets gathered around the fire at Stone Circle on Saturday.  Say hello to Terry and Wendi Wooten and Louan Lechler and Jim Ribby.  I am also reliably informed that newlyweds Blaise and George will be visiting.
  • See the Halfaker/Sparks quilt exhibit at the Wilkinson Homestead from noon to 3:00 on Sunday.  (This is your last chance.  The exhibit closes September 6.)  Say hello to Loraine Mottern or Jane Saul or Nora Metz or whichever other volunteers are there to show you around.
  • Hike the trails at Barnes Park, swim at the beach, walk over to the Eastport Market for some fried chicken, take it back to Barnes and eat it while you watch the sunset.  Say hello to Eileen “Da Boss” Wallick and Ranger Teddy.
  • Put a kayak in Torch Lake at the DNR launch in Eastport and paddle down to the Bill Good Day Park in Torch Lake Village.  It’s an easy stroll up to Sonny’s for a cinnamon roll, and you will have earned it.  (I am good at rationalizing cinnamon rolls.)  Say hello to Sonny and Chris Szejbach.
  • Visit Raven Hill Discovery Center.  It will be open noon to 4 pm all three days of Labor Day weekend—Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Say hello to Cheri Leach.
  • Explore the Rooting Deep/Branching Out exhibit at the Jordan River Arts Council.  Say hello to Howard Ellis or Babs Young or Jane Diller or whichever other JRAC volunteers are there.
  • Stop at every single farm market you pass, because this is glory time at King’s and Good Nature and Bargy’s and Cherry View and Friske’s and Royal Farms.  Say hello to Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and me, because we will surely be at one or another of them stocking up on provisions.