A summer afternoon at the Torch Bay Nature Preserve

Posted on September 3, 2009


There is a certain kind of road I can never resist. A tunnel of dark green over a gravel road, sun splashing through the leaves here and there, and at the end, the sparkling blue eye . . . .  Even when I have other things to do, I am compelled to take a little frolicking detour to the Torch Bay Nature Preserve.

The Irresistible Road

The beach isn’t as sandy as the beach at Barnes Park, but the water is just as sparkly and blue. There are interesting rocks. An assortment of wildflowers. Pleasant trails. And on Tuesday afternoon we shared the place with at most ten other people and one other dog. We did not feel crowded.

Beach at TBNPMore beach at TBNP
Beach Pea at TBNPTBNP - Spaniel
My favorite trees grow there: fluffy white pines with their bundles of five needles, fragrant balsam fir, practical white cedar. When you are at Torch Bay Nature Preserve, you know you are in northern latitudes.

White Pine

Balsam firWhite Cedar

When the goldenrod is blooming riotously, you know that summer is winding down, and you’d better savor every morsel.  We’re going to have Summer this week.  Make the most of it.  Take a book, take a sandwich, take a spaniel and a terrier, take a blanket, take a nap.  It’s all good.  And it belongs to you.

Goldenrod at TBNP