Hardly any days are like that

Posted on June 10, 2009


Today has been flying by fueled with just four hours of sleep, so pardon me if I fluff a line.  I was going to breakfast with Centria, a/k/a Kathy, a U.P. blogger who visits these parts often, if virtually.  Today she was in Bellaire in person, and we met at MOKA.  For an hour and a half we told stories and laughed and ate good food.  Her stories were so good that I’m not sure I can tell you any of them, but I’ll think about that while I’m at my other day job.

Kathy at MOKA

And here’s the thing about Kathy.  She brought me maple syrup in a pretty bottle.  “It’s the first time I ever bought it in a bottle like that,” she laughed.  And all I gave her was breakfast.  Well, it was breakfast at MOKA, so that’s OK then.

Then off to Elk Rapids to meet Loreen Niewenhuis, who is walking around Lake Michigan.  I’d asked if I could join her for a bit, and she said fine, and so there we were, Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I at the Palmer/Wilcox/Shah Nature Preserve meeting Loreen.  We walked along the shoreline, admired the extravagantly beautiful day, and talked about her trip.  I doubled back for my car a couple of times, and then leapfrogged her so that we could walk another patch together.  The woman can walk.  She’s still walking and I’m back here with ice packs on my ankles.  Ah well.  Miss Sadie and the Cowboy were charmed.  More later . . . Gotta go to the other day job now.

Loreen and the Duo 2