Jill McLaughlin has a ranch, Ee-I Ee-I Ohh

Posted on May 13, 2009


And on this ranch she has a daft dog named Torch, three horses (Montgomery, Hooper and Lucy) and a miniature donkey named Sierra.  OK, the ranch is, strictly speaking, on Katy Newman’s Bayview Farm.  However, the horses and the daft dog and the miniature donkey are Jill’s, along with the vet bills and way more kibble than we use around the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, believe me. 

I am envious of people who keep horses even though I have no desire to keep horses myself, on account of the enormous amount of work.  In my mind horses have a mystique that I suspect can be attributed partly to their natural beauty but mostly to the effect of too many afternoons spent at the theatre watching romantic westerns.  As for the miniature donkey, she is simply the cutest . . . well, she’s very cute.  Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions.