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Farm report

April 17, 2012


As I drove east on M-88 the car filled with an eyewatering aroma. Cowboy! I growled, casting a steely eye at the spaniel in the rearview mirror. He looked confused. We emerged from the reeking cloud. Ah. Now I remembered.

A puzzle for you

April 13, 2012


Across the road there is a jumbled pile of branches from what was, if memory serves, a very tall shrub before the big blizzard. The branches have silvery catkins on them that resemble pussy willows but grow in dense clusters.

The doctor makes barn calls

April 13, 2011


Yesterday was spring check-up day at Bay View Farm. Now there are not a lot of animals up there on the ridge, but what they lack in sheer numbers they make up for in personality. This is Monty the Morgan.

Horses browsing in a purple haze

August 17, 2009


Great minds, great minds.  Babs travels many of the same roads I travel.  In fact, on Saturday she traveled the same road at the same time and stopped to make sure I was just taking pictures of oats and birds and not pulled over on account of a flat tire.  It’s quite a comfort to […]

Jill McLaughlin has a ranch, Ee-I Ee-I Ohh

May 13, 2009


And on this ranch she has a daft dog named Torch, three horses (Montgomery, Hooper and Lucy) and a miniature donkey named Sierra.  OK, the ranch is, strictly speaking, on Katy Newman’s Bayview Farm.  However, the horses and the daft dog and the miniature donkey are Jill’s, along with the vet bills and way more kibble than we […]

A little color to relieve Mud Season

April 5, 2009


Antrim County Michigan Photo Ramble: Central Lake and Bellaire on a sunny late winter day