Mooned by a bee

Posted on May 3, 2009


In the beginning, there is the blossom. The blossom is all potential. Fulfillment comes only when the bees come. The bees are back.

Bee boxes buzzing

Jim King said I could wander around in the orchard behind his house, where there are boxes of Dan DeKorne’s bees and rows and rows of trees flowing over the ridges. It’s early days yet, but I found bee boxes buzzing, lush spring grass, and one apricot tree that had ventured into bloom.  It was exceedingly popular on a warmish afternoon.

Busy bee on blossom

One bee bounced about in frenzied delight, exactly like a toddler at an amusement park. Wheee! Me next! Me next!

Bouncing bee - whee!

The bees paid little attention to me or the Disreputable Duo. Still, I think this fellow mooned us.