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Report from the back roads

April 23, 2011


We're tamer than we look.

Pettable Bee

August 27, 2010


I was pondering a post that I very much feared would bore you to death when Bing! my Outlook announced the arrival of a new batch of mail. Right there on top was a present from Andi Laidlaw.  You are rescued. Andi is a minimalist. Her title is Coneflower and Bee. I am a maximalist, […]

Summer company

July 23, 2010


Let’s catch up on the progress of the local weeds.  Here we have Common Burdock (Arctium minus) in bud on July 14 and in bloom a week later. Below that there is a big, sharp thistle. It’s either a Bull Thistle or a Pasture Thistle and either way it’s a terror. Next to it is […]

A snowshoe party on Chandler Hill

February 7, 2010


Nancy and Glenn live over in Chandler Township, Charlevoix County–a community that makes Torch Lake Township look positively urban.  Today they had a chili and snowshoe/cross-country party.  Had a good day for it, too. They served venison chili and vegetarian chili and cookies and brownies and blueberry cake.  People brought side dishes and more desserts.  There was fine sock-footed conversation […]

Visiting the bees at Good Nature Orchards

May 24, 2009


About a week ago I ran into Ken Kamp at the market and asked him how things were going at his Good Nature Orchards. Were his bees able to warm up enough to get out to work at their pollination jobs? No problem, he told me. He put up shelters around the hives.  Really, I said. […]

The Bloom Report and the tale of the homeless bees

May 7, 2009


I was passing by King’s and stopped to update the Apricot Bloom Report. In just a few days we had progressed from one little tree in the orchard behind Jim and Rose’s on US-31 to rows and rows of flowery finery south of the market on M-88. As I framed a shot I saw a […]