Five treasures in a green envelope

Posted on April 1, 2009


Kathy, Da Blogger from Da UP, was in search of a cure for cabin fever, not to mention an idea for a post. She thought a scavenger hunt for signs of spring would be just the ticket. Find these five items, she challenged, and send them to me in a green envelope. First one in wins a prize . . .

A pussy willow.  This one was down on the beach.

Pussy willows on the beach

Sumac.  This patch is pretty ragged, but there it was, on the riverbank at Richardi Park in Bellaire.

Sumac at Richardi Park

Birchbark.  Here’s a fire ring on the beach surrounded by seats made of birch logs.

Birch log seating around the council fire

An animal or bird.  A gull was soaring overhead at Richardi Park, trying to figure out what I was up to. 

Gull at Richardi Park

Animal scat.  I was a little worried that the only scat I’d find would belong to Miss Sadie or the Cowboy, and thus be something I’d have to clean up rather than photograph for the ages.  However, apparently there will always be goose poop on the beach.  Always.

Goose scat on the beach

The green envelope

Green envelope