More stories than I can read in a lifetime

Posted on April 1, 2009


I believe I may have mentioned my affection for the Carnegie Library in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, and for the library perched on an enchanted island in Elk Rapids. Thanks to libraries, I feel rich. I know I will never run out of stories.

Today we’re going to visit the Central Lake District Library, where you may borrow books and read magazines and use the internet and practice Spanish and munch popcorn at monthly movie nights. And, right now, you can see an exhibit of wood carvings by Bob and Yolanda Ayala.



As always, I’m having a hard time stopping at just two, so I put a gallery at the end.  There was a nice article about the Ayalas in the Antrim Review a few years ago.  

You can read more about Carnegie libraries in general, and spend some time thinking about how even the Robber Barons could get it right once in awhile. There’s a nice image of the Rhinelander Library in the Postcards Library collection. If you’re really loving this stuff (Hi, Dad! Hi, Cheri!) you’ll enjoy the history and postcards at Judy Aulik’s postcard site.

To see lots more captivating Ayala carvings, press “More” and click on the thumbnails for a larger view.