Turkeys, turkeys everywhere

Posted on October 17, 2008


Once upon a time wild turkeys had practically disappeared from northern Michigan. After a lot of effort by the DNR and conservation groups, they’re plentiful again.  A hunter has some property just up the road where he parks a travel trailer during turkey season.  He is locally famous for spending an entire day, pre-dawn to post-dusk, out in the woods looking for birds and finding none.  When he returned to the trailer tired, hungry and birdless, he found the entire area covered in turkey tracks and, um, other evidence of their little holiday at his expense.  Turkeys have been known to pop out from under my deck (and no I do NOT know what they were doing in there). The other day I was picking up my CSA share at Providence Farm and saw these:

Naturally I asked myself, “Why did the wild turkeys cross the road?”

“Duh!” I answered myself.  “To get to the other side!”  Looky here what they found—the salad bar at Ryan’s Restaurant: