Nose to nose . . .

Posted on August 8, 2008


. . . with the elk!! or maybe nose to lens. This one was very curious and almost licked my camera. I’m not sure how good elk saliva is for camera lenses so I declined. 

So begins a Letter from Katherine Berst, who has a new camera she’s enjoying and was one of the people lined up at the Conants’ fence the other day.  Here’s the curious elk, festooned in shredding velvet. 

I don’t know much about elk. People asked me a lot of questions about them when we were all standing around at the fence, because if you’re the one taking notes and photos, people assume you actually know something. Ha. Anyway, I decided to go look for some Authoritative Sources. If you want to know more about elk velvet, elk mating habits, and elk husbandry, I recommend Fast Facts About Elk from the North American Elk Breeders Association. They know something over there.  (This Thomasina Sawyer thing is working really well, don’t you think?)