The Trouble with Herbs

Posted on June 21, 2008


In my experience, herbs are fraught with difficulties.  (Like that “fraught”?  Me too.)

  • The first problem, of course, is whether to say herbs (with the “h”) or ‘erbs (without the “h”).  No trying to weasle out by mumbling, either.  I’ve adopted the h-less standard, and I’m stickin’ to it.
  • The second problem is figuring out where to plant them if you live back in the woods with only the tiniest patch of sunlight.  One solution is to put a few pots on the deck and hope for the best.  A more reliable approach is to join a CSA and hope for bounty.
  • The third problem is telling them apart once you’ve found a place where they’ll grow.  There is the sniff test, of course, but when I buy pots to plant, I leave the little tags stuck in the soil too.
  • The fourth problem is deciding which one would taste good in the soup.  For this, I expect I might have to turn to Alana Haley.  On Saturday, June 28, she’s teaching a free class at Pine Hill Nursery called What to Do with Herbs.  (Not to worry – it begins at 10:00 and you’ll be all done in time to go to the dedication of the new township hall.)  She’d like you to call to pre-register, please: 599-2824.  You can find out more by following the Pine Hill link over there in the right column.