This weekend in Torch Lake Township: Stone Circle opens its 25th season

Posted on June 20, 2008


I’ve only been going to Stone Circle for eight years, but Terry Wooten, Louan Lechler, Jim Ribby and a revolving cast of poets, storytellers, songwriters, court jesters and dysfunctional lovers have been at it for a quarter of a century.  Beginning tomorrow, June 21, they’ll be there every Saturday night, from 9:00 until midnight or until the poets fall asleep around the bonfire, whichever comes first.  Bring your kids – they’ll love it.  Bring your sweetheart – you’ll both love it.  Come all by yourself – you’ll love it. 

On any given Saturday, you might run into a farmer who brings zucchini for everybody, a teacher who brings buses full of schoolkids every fall, a retired judge, a med student who’s been coming since she was a toddler – anyone, really. You can:

  • Listen to bardic tales and Inuit chants and dog haiku around the bonfire
  • Hear poems about Ernie Harwell and Tecumseh and a bear named Buddy
  • . . . and songs about the Manistee River and Leelanau County and a dog named Woody Guthrie 
  • Hunker down under the Poem Dome on a rainy night as Jim Ribby recreates the Yukon Gold Rush
  • Watch the Northern Lights dance

I’ve packed away memories in a little red bag, found the perfect place for my sand chair – and even gotten up and recited a few times myself.  You come, too.  Stone Circle Drive runs east of US-31, about ten miles north of Elk Rapids (or a mile south of Barnes Road if you’re traveling in the other direction). It’s just $4 per adult, $2 per child, and there’s a family rate but I forget what it is.