Cowboy on snowshoes/Amore in flameproof booties

Posted on January 24, 2008


For the record, this ↓ is not snow – – – – – THIS ↓ is snow.

Amore in her dust booties

THIS is snow - corrected





There’s a mouse in there . . . 

We who live here year ’round are accustomed to gleeful winter weather inquiries from snowbirds, Californians and others of that ilk.  “Gettin’ any snow are ya?  Is Torch Lake frozen over yet?  How about the Bay?”  When the Cowboy on Snowshoes post appeared I had this exchange with the Coast Contingent:

Bob: Speaking of snow, did I send you the photo of Amore in her little booties? She really did NOT seem to enjoy the snow up on I-15 . . . 

Me: Snow?? You call that snow???? That’s dust! Amore is wearing dust booties!

Bonnie, Beloved of Bob: We really bought them for her to wear when we traveled south in the heat.  At a rest stop near Blythe, CA the blacktop burned the little sweetheart’s feet.  Bob had to carry her over to a shady area so she could do her chores. Thus the purchase of booties with leather soles . . . .

Me: I knew I’d get the straight story.  You don’t have dust booties for a wimpy dog – you have flameproof booties for a courageous little poodle who has to cross the merciless burning deserts (aka parking lots) in search of a place to, er, recycle!  That sounds much better.