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The snowpile in summer

March 20, 2012


So yesterday afternoon we headed down the path to the Bay, passing the snowpile the plow guy had assembled in the neighbors' yard.

The trees have their say

March 11, 2012


I suppose it’s possible to take trees for granted, especially when you have whole forests of them. Recently, though, the trees have been in the very forefront of our minds. Even—if we have been unlucky—in the very forefront of our living rooms, twigs, branches and squirrels. We sat up and took notice. Some of them […]

Welcome to Jotunheim

March 6, 2012


Mama Nature has her little ways. Last weekend she showed northern Michigan who’s boss. In fact, thousands of homes in Antrim County are still cold and dark. It’s beautiful here in the winter, and terrible, and fierce, and we are powerless, whether we have electricity or not. But we hang in there, haul each other […]

Babs votes for electricity

March 4, 2012


Babs Young writes: We’ve had a rather mild winter until Friday night. Then it started to snow and it snowed and snowed until we had any where from 10 or 18 inches depending on where you were located. That’s all a good thing, we love snow up here, but this time the snow was very […]

Babs heads to the pool

February 26, 2012


Babs Young writes: It’s not been a great winter for snow, but Lake Michigan is spectacular with its snow mountains and water pools here and there. It’s hard not to take a nice photograph. I confess I am a grumpy bear myself – it was a beautiful day and I spent all of it indoors […]

Tending the livestock

February 22, 2012


Miss Sadie and the Cowboy kept me plenty busy today and we  all feel better for it.  Sometimes I lose track of the important things.  They always remind me.  When you’re outdoors with animals, even days that look like this one feel . . . exhilarating.  Something close to that anyway.  Close enough to count […]