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A heart of stone

February 14, 2010


I started out to make a Valentine, using this image from the archives.  I collect heart-shaped stones and other odd bits of rock: Petoskeys, other fossils, mimetoliths of all kinds.  They’re more interesting to look at underwater.  Thus the jar, where new acquisitions spend a little time being admired.  See the rosy heart?  Making a post is like making a […]

Making art: Stones on the shore and a woodsy welcome

September 29, 2009


What is it about human beings, anyway, that we are compelled to arrange things in patterns that please us, to see images in found objects? What is the power of metaphor and simile made concrete? Well. I don’t know. But I’m not going to let that stop me from showing you some examples. Photographer Ken […]

And sometimes loveliness falls in your lap

May 30, 2009


So yesterday was a busy day, what with all the things we’d put off all week, and we had to do laundry.  Off to the Wash Basket in Central Lake.  While the clothes tumbled in the dryer, Miss Sadie and the Cowboy took each other for a walk in the grass behind the building, and […]

Katherine paints the fence

April 17, 2009


It’s not uncommon to see a face peering out of a tree. However, Katherine has found a Picasso drawing in an ancient birch at Katy Newman’s. We discussed mimetoliths last week. I wonder if we should have a category for mimeto-trees? We have also discussed that Thomasina Sawyer loves getting other people to do her […]

That looks like a mimetolith!

April 7, 2009


This all began when I took a picture on the beach of a piece of bluegreen Ellsworth shale that had split into layers, “delaminated” as it were.  There’s more shale than sand on the beach these days, and the stuff fascinates me.   The beach is heaped with it.  It splits, it shatters, it makes a […]