And sometimes loveliness falls in your lap

Posted on May 30, 2009


So yesterday was a busy day, what with all the things we’d put off all week, and we had to do laundry.  Off to the Wash Basket in Central Lake.  While the clothes tumbled in the dryer, Miss Sadie and the Cowboy took each other for a walk in the grass behind the building, and I took a picture of R2D2 and his friend hanging out.  Well, that’s what I saw anyway.

Wash basket - Miss Sadie and the Cowboy explore

Wash basket - R2D2 times two

Then, laundry all fluffed up and feeling virtuous, we stopped on our way home to pick some lilacs at the Torch Bay Inn.   Sue Keena is a generous soul, and had invited us to do just that.  She and Tom were out front when we pulled up, weeding and trimming and mowing and grinning because they love this stuff.  I suppose that is why the Inn always looks so . . . tended.  Anyway, I stopped for a couple of sprigs but Sue was appalled.  No, no—lilacs bloom such a short time that a person has to appreciate them right now and that means putting huge bouquets all over the house.  And I should have a couple of sprigs of lavender, too.  So home I went with a lapful of lilacs, clean clothes, and two happy dogs.  Life can be so good.  Here’s what the house looked like after the lilacs were artfully disposed and, um, strategic areas tidied a bit since you were dropping by.

Lilacs on the desk

Lilacs on the table

Lilacs bedside

Lilacs on the kitchen windowsill2

As I was taking pictures of my lilac bower, the sun was going down. As the last rays reached into the woods behind the house, I saw a face peering in the kitchen window. Cool. Meet Mr. Mimeto-Tree and his droopy mustache.

Mimeto tree peering in the kitchen window