Horses browsing in a purple haze

Posted on August 17, 2009


Great minds, great minds.  Babs travels many of the same roads I travel.  In fact, on Saturday she traveled the same road at the same time and stopped to make sure I was just taking pictures of oats and birds and not pulled over on account of a flat tire.  It’s quite a comfort to think people are looking out for me as I wander about in the weeds.

So today I opened the mail and there was my weekly missive from Babs:

I usually don’t check Torch Lake Views before I select my picture for the week. But I did today and since I’ve been going to East Jordan many times in the past two weeks I have passed this farm many times. I’ve also stopped two or three times to take pictures. On this day the horses were in the field of purple haze.   Enjoy!

Purple haze

You will notice that we approach Art differently. For one thing, a photo by Babs tends to be in focus, whereas I . . . OK, I gotta take a class. PJ’s going to love these horses. And look! It’s summer! No overcoats!

Every week photographer Babs Young captures moments in northern Michigan, and every week she sends one to Torch Lake Views just for you. You can find more of her photos at the Babs Young Photo Archives.