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Market report: Corn’s in! Done shakin’ cherries. Time to roast a peach.

August 21, 2009


Some people get tweets from their commodities traders.  You get the FAQs board from King’s and the news heard at the Eastport Market.  You are fortunate indeed.  Local corn is coming in, and is it good.  Bolts corn at the Eastport Market, Shooks corn at the little roadside stand on M-88, King corn at the […]

Bikers invade Eastport

June 24, 2009


On my way past the Eastport Market I saw a long lineup of shiny motorcycles in the parking lot snuggled up to a bright red Hummer.  Either Russ and Donna had gone into a new line of business or there was a convention of bikers in town.  I pulled in and inquired, just as the […]

Fresh, local food is coming in

June 6, 2009


Although it has been “unseasonably cool” there’s asparagus at King’s and Bolt’s, and over at Providence Farm Andrea and Ryan Romeyn are getting ready for the first CSA pickups of the year.  Andrea writes: Even with our cool spring, the gardens look wonderful . . . . We are starting . . .  the week of June […]

Local products, local jobs

March 24, 2009


Someone calculated that if every household in the state spent just $10 of its weekly food budget on items grown or processed in Michigan, it would keep $37 million circulating in the state’s economy, and would help keep jobs here, too.  Makes sense to me, and made sense to Russ and Donna Abbott.  Their Eastport […]

The Frugal Bugle: the canned goods sale

September 15, 2008


I know, I know, the demographic of TLV readers skews unimaginably high. You are chic, sophisticated, and affluent. In spite of all that, I sense your desire to live more simply, more intentionally, more . . . frugally. Thus the Frugal Bugle. Whenever I hear about a great bargain on something worth having, I will […]

Party, Party!

May 8, 2008


You know Lauren.  Of course you do.  She’s the wisecracking pixie who works at the Eastport Market.  She and her husband David just moved here a few years ago but they already know everybody in three townships.  Now they’re moving back to northern California, where David has found a job he loves.  The market is […]