Market report: Corn’s in! Done shakin’ cherries. Time to roast a peach.

Posted on August 21, 2009


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Some people get tweets from their commodities traders.  You get the FAQs board from King’s and the news heard at the Eastport Market.  You are fortunate indeed. 

  • Local corn is coming in, and is it good.  Bolts corn at the Eastport Market, Shooks corn at the little roadside stand on M-88, King corn at the markets on M-88 and US-31.  Corn!  Bring on the butter. 
  • Jim King said they finished shaking cherries last night about 9:00 pm.  The end of the cherry harvest used to be party time in the township, but all those young whippersnappers, like the King Boys, have grown up, and the King men and the King women were gratefully headed home for a well-earned rest.
  • Pete Peterson made an emergency run for Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla ice cream.  He’d just roasted some fresh peaches, and they seemed to demand ice cream.  Must have been those Early Glo peaches.  I love peaches. 

The FAQ board is a little dated but I thought you’d enjoy the list.  You can read the latest news from the fruitstand at Orchard Talk.

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