Stubborn optimism

Posted on March 29, 2012


Yesterday John King posted Weather Challenges, another of his informative musings on orchardry in Antrim County.  Are they out of the woods over at King’s?  Nope.  Is there reason for hope?  Of course.  (I believe the Antrim County Farmer’s motto is I farm, therefore I hope.)

Babs Young and I had stopped by King Orchards on Monday, and were a little bit encouraged.  The apricots were in full bloom.

The forecast said there would be another freeze on Monday night. The wind machines were ready. [Update. Nuts. I show you blooms and then bare trees. I should mention that the wind machine is over by the cherry trees, which are in bud but not in bloom. Sorry.]

The forecast was stone cold right.  Word on Wednesday was that tart cherries were badly damaged all across northern Michigan, but there was still hope for the sweets.  The apples and apricots seemed to be doing OK.  Some of the bounty from last year is on hand.

Frozen cherries and apple slices and apricots, frozen pies.  Honey, too, made by the Pollinators.

I bought a jar of the honey and some apples – a half bushel each of Galas and Macs.  Some people stockpile gold, I go straight for the food.  I checked out the apricot trees again, too.  They were, as advertised, holding their own, although it looked as if they were trying to thumb a ride south.

I don’t blame them.  Tonight’s forecast – snow.  Tomorrow’s forecast – snow and rain.  All I know for sure is that it’s dark out now.  I have high hopes that it may grow light again by morning.  Another ten years in Antrim County and we’ll make a stubborn optimist out of me yet.

I’m sure Babs took better pictures than I did on Monday, but you will have to wait for those.  She probably doesn’t have a better picture of herself, on account of she was focused elsewhere.  I thought you’d like to see the Ace Reporter at work.