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A deep map of Eastport

December 31, 2009


Just when you think there’s nothing to write about, a reader’s email starts a long chain of associations that leads you to William Least Heat-Moon’s PrairyEarth (a deep map).  The post isn’t written—not by a long shot—but you have some little ideas and no clue where they’ll lead.  Let’s begin with the email: Helping my […]

Coming home along Elk Lake Road

December 7, 2009


Babs Young was away for Thanksgiving, but she thought of you all the way home.  She needed a photo.  And there, along Elk Lake Road, she found one.  She writes: What a difference a week or two makes. We left and it was still sunny and rather warm and came home to winter. Nice white […]

Barns of Antrim County

November 23, 2009


We love our barns up here. “Our” is used loosely, as most of us don’t have barns, except for the pole barn variety, and those are not our subject for the day. No indeed. We are talking about good old barns that have stood for a long time, and picturesque ruins that are quietly fading […]

The Big Show: Barnes Park in autumn

October 11, 2009


It turned out to be a good weekend for autumn walks, if you don’t mind a little bone-numbing cold. We took a little stroll along the paved walking/biking trail at Barnes Park yesterday. The sun came and went, the wind came and stayed, the rain held off mostly. Open spaces along the trail make it […]

USA Today catches up with Torch Lake Views

September 9, 2009


Unless you stumbled in here for the first time today, you know King’s is a great place to pick apples. (And cherries and raspberries and peaches and nectarines but I digress.) Last Thursday a story in the travel section of USA Today confirmed this wisdom, and even mentioned drumlins. This is all excellent news. We […]

Spring sunset over Antrim County

April 21, 2008


Sometimes, Babs Young writes, you just have to stop and take a picture.  Coming west on Essex Road one day last week, she captured this glorious sunset.  Views like this always make me feel rich.  Aren’t you lucky to live here! say visiting friends.  No, I think, just very smart.