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May 17, 2014


Enlighten is one of ten new sculptures that will be installed during May along the ArtRapids! Walk of Art in Elk Rapids. (Learn more about sculptor Margot McMahon and her work here).   Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I encourage you to make the trip.  You will find refreshment for your spirit.  When you have finished […]

The healing power of TLC, sunshine and moss

April 16, 2014


Yesterday morning we had more snow.  The sun came out and drove it away, but this morning we had more snow again. Is there no end to it?  Apparently not.  But never mind.  Even in the depth of despair there is healing for the frozen spirit. Yesterday was a case in point. Babs invited me to breakfast […]

Icy fire opal

March 31, 2014


Babs Young was out and about on still-frozen Torch Lake as the sun dropped toward the still-frozen horizon. It was all so beautiful, and all so cold . . . but look at that sky! Doesn’t that look like a fire opal? An icy fire opal.  It must be a sign. I have decided that […]

Katy Newman reports

March 5, 2014


I did not get over to the first annual Central Lake Chilly Fest on Saturday. I was cranky and it was cold. I am a wuss. Katy Newman is not a wuss. She was over there and sent us a photo of Daugherty Johnson’s contribution to the festivities. Katy sent the photo without comment, so […]

Daugherty Johnson’s Blue Period

February 13, 2014


I am waiting for Jerry Bingham to arrive with his big rig and heavy duty equipment to thaw out my frozen water line. It will be awhile. I am not his only customer in this fix. Fortunately I have eight gallons of drinking water, six entertaining books, and quantities of excellent treats. I made an […]

Blowin’ in the wind

January 8, 2014


Note: I’m tidying up the mulch pile, finishing perfectly good musings I never got around to posting on TLV.  Waste not want not.  Besides, it’s too cold out to go gallivanting around the countryside taking pictures. Back in October 2012 I trotted into the Elk Rapids Library and was brought up short by swaths of […]