Walk in three-part harmony

Posted on April 10, 2016


The Swamp Path

Late on Thursday evening Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I were having a last walk before bedtime.  It was dark, but I had a flashlight and they always carry their noses with them, so that was all  right.  We were getting to the part of the road that goes past the swamp.  I heard something . . . odd.  The little hairs on the back of my neck rose, and the dogs froze, staring intently into the blackness.  That was enough for me.  We turned tail and went right back the way we had come.

But yesterday was a beautiful, sunny day.  The snow was crunchy and not too deep.  The swamp looked inviting rather than sinister. Into the swamp, then!

The ponds were frozen over. Watch where you step. The path was littered with fallen branches . . . and fallen trees. Look up, too. Watch what you walk under. But it’s all quite beautiful on a crisp sunny morning.


The Bluff

We left the swamp path feeling exhilarated and quite pleased with ourselves for being brave. Sort of brave. On to the bluff! The Bay was still there, ice-free and salt-free.

Ice-free Bay

Ice-free, salt-free Grand Traverse Bay


Two paths diverged in the weeds

Two paths diverged in the weeds . . . Miss Sadie was all for going down to the beach . . .


Still cold and icy down there

. . . where there were cold waves and the icy remains of drowned willows.


Cowboy on the Porky Path

The Cowboy longed to follow the Porky Path, where there might be a porcupine.


OK not today but soon

OK, maybe not today. We compromised and headed home.


Mystery tree with rose shaped cones

We remembered to stop and smell the roses.