Live at the Wah – Louan!

Posted on January 27, 2016


One beautiful day last May a fair representation of northern Michigan musicians wended their way across Leelanau County to Pat Niemisto’s house and Holy Wah! recording studio.  I wended too.  We were headed to a house party where we would perform a valuable function.  We would be the audience.  This is perfect for me.  I do audience well.

The performer would be, as you might have guessed already from the title, Louan Lechler.  This is perfect for her.  She does performance well.

Louan house party DSCN2628

We, the audience of musical friends and neighbors with great singing voices–plus one blogger–had a very, very good time.  We demanded our favorites (I am partial to the ballad of Woody Guthrie Dog).  We misted up a time or two.  We dove into Singin’ in the Nude.  We laughed at the stories, most of which are even true!  Many of which are about, well, us.  And about you, too.  You’d be surprised.

House Party V__9FC6

Photo by Sue Skellenger

It was a warm day.  We were informal.  Note the open windows.  Note the colorful banner fluttering in the breeze.  Mary Kay Niemisto and Sue Skellenger headed up the snacks and treats department.  I spent a fair amount of time hanging out with them.

Louan has been writing songs and singing them for quite awhile now–in local clubs, at Blissfest, at Stone Circle, at Grand Traverse Commons.  This was the first time so much of the collection had been put together in one place at one time.  It was a joyful celebration.

Pat Niemisto and Paul Kos recorded the whole thing.  Over the next few months Pat and Louan sequestered themselves in the studio to edit and select and fluff and buff and debate and edit some more.  Finally they sent off the finished recording to be made into excellent CDs and digitally downloadable music.  Yes, we still do CDs Around Here.  But we do downloads, too, so you’ll be able to buy Louan’s music online, which will be almost–but not quite–like being there.

Which brings you right up to date. The CD release party for Louan Lechler: Live at the Wah is Sunday, January 31 at Sleder’s in Traverse City. If you will be Around Here, I recommend you come. There will be excellent treats, musical and otherwise. I don’t see how you can go wrong.

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