Spring chores, in which the Cowboy is shorn and the Owl reappears

Posted on June 4, 2014


We have been busy around the Writing Studio and Bait Shop, on the theory that when things fall apart that we can’t fix, we should find something we can fix and do that.

Excellent.  We can wash windows and screens.  We have a lot of windows and screens, and three sets of sliding glass doors.  We set to work with a will and finished all the windows and doors on three sides of the house, leaving only the three windows on the south side to do.  One of them is temporarily occupied by a disputatious phoebe, but we’ll get at the other two on Friday morning before the sun reaches them.  I would show you how nice the clean windows look, but it is surprisingly hard to get good photos of clean windows.

Spring Chores - Late May

It is not possible to wash windows all day every day, but another thing that we could do in between windows was to groom the Cowboy, whose winter coat had become particularly scruffy.  He is not any happier about being groomed than the phoebe is about the window-washing project, but by dint of daily effort Miss Sadie and I have gotten about three quarters of the shearing job done.  After that we will get into the combing and brushing job.

The Cowboy half-shorn

All the window-washing and Cowboy grooming made for a lot of laundry.  We piled it into the car and went off to wash the whole mess.  While the clean towels dried we took a walk and admired an old tree.  I wonder how it came to grow that way, dividing and reuniting in mid-air.  It has stood up there on the second ridge for more than a century, bearing the sweep of winter winds across the Bay, losing a limb every now and then, persevering.  Now it welcomes another spring with new green leaves.  Good for you, tree.

A fine old tree

Exhausted from our labors, Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I are early to bed every night.  I fall asleep with a book open on my face, which contrary to expectations does not make a person healthy, wealthy or wise, but does mean that we are early to rise.  That is how we came to meet the Barred Owl again.

Barred Owl at dawn - Neoma Trail

I couldn’t choose between versions so here’s another.  I am just delighted with the owl.  (I have a simple mind and am easily entertained.)

Barred Owl closeup - Neoma Trail