Happy First of Many Hogs – wait, wait . . .

Posted on December 31, 2013


OK, I think I got that wrong.  I’ve been out of town—without Miss Sadie and the Cowboy—and I’m forgetting everything.  Hold on.  Hogmanay.  That’s it.  Happy first day of Hogmanay.  The photos have nothing to do with Hogmanay, but they will catch you up on various things.  Consider them a garnish.

Welcome home.  See if you can find the propane tank.  Then see if you can find the dial.  Then order propane.

Welcome home. See if you can find the propane tank. Then see if you can find the dial. Then order propane.

I learned the word (Hogmanay-try to keep up) this morning as I read Writer’s Almanac to Miss Sadie and the Cowboy and then I got all nostalgic about Scottish lessons and other delights of blogging and I thought, well, why not?  So here I am at the Torch Lake Cafe drinking coffee, having a few excellent treats and using the WiFi.

Where’s the woodpile?

I digress.  Hogmanay.  It turns out that in Scotland December 31 is the first day of Hogmanay, which involves a gift given at the New Year.  Having missed all the other major holidays entirely I thought I could bestir myself and send a Hogmanay gift to all of you.  (Check the time zones . . . add six, divide by leventy . . . might just make Scotland and the north of England, and it’s always midnight in Denmark this time of year – got the Americas covered – probably tomorrow in Japan by now.)

Well it's about time you got home

Miss Sadie: “Well it’s about time you got home.”

The Almanac was very informative about Hogmanay customs.  If the first person to cross my threshhold after midnight is a dark-haired man, I will have good luck in the coming year.  Mind you, dark-haired men are in short supply in the Township, where we tend to run to silver during the winter. Miss Sadie suggests that perhaps her dark-haired male friend Shep Shepley might serve the purpose, but I’m holding out for a stray human forest ranger.

There are other indeterminate customs involving singing and whiskey.  We rummaged around in the pantry and decided to fall back on humming gently and baking something with Pure Vanilla Extract.

Then there is the practice of dropping giant balls at midnight.  Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I are given to dropping balls, both literal and metaphorical, so we should be able to manage this one in our sleep, which is a good thing all the way around.

We get to go for a walk now, right? said the Cowboy

We have made no New Year’s Resolutions, not wishing to add to the enormous pile of Big Fibs left over from 2013.  Instead we have a New Year’s Hope.

May all of us, and those we love, have a richly fulfilling year ahead of us.  May we share excellent treats and terrible jokes with good friends.  Blessed be the peacemakers.

Love, Miss Sadie, the Cowboy and I.