Posted on December 16, 2012


Babs Young was over at the Elk Rapids Area Historical Museum taking pictures of the Treasures from the Toy Chest exhibit when a class of third-graders filed in.  As docent Ross Graham launched into the stories of the toys and games displayed all around them, the kids whipped out their iPads and began recording his presentation.  So here we are in a 110-year-old church-turned-historical museum, exploring the nineteenth century as seen through very twenty-first century eyes.  My, my, imagine what the world will be like 70 years from now when these children are reminiscing for their grandchildren . . . .

Love those iPads

The exhibit runs through the first week in January at the museum, 301 Traverse, Elk Rapids. Even if you don’t have either a grandchild or an iPad, I’ll bet you’d enjoy a visit. Happy Holidays, whatever traditions you observe or begin!

ERAHS Treasures from the Toy Chest