We fish, therefore we are

Posted on October 6, 2012


When a person lives in the midst of waters, a person lives on fish in one way or another.  Ever since I was a tiny little girl I’ve loved fishing.  Looky here:

That is my little self, with a fish that I caught on a bent safety pin and a piece of sturdy thread tied to a wooden ruler.  Waste not want not.  I wish we had pictures of me fishing for sunfish and crappie under the willows at the edge of Boom Lake.  Ah well.  I keep the memories close at heart.

There is more to fishing than the meditative aspect.  Fish like beautiful places.  They can’t help it, it’s genetic.  Antrim County is a good place to go fishing.

See what I mean?  We are spoiled for choice Around Here.  Especially in blessed autumn.  Soon enough I will be grousing about s*** and fuel bills.  But just for now . . . let’s go fishing.