Babs and friends in Bellaire

Posted on September 10, 2012


Photographers Babs Young and Dana Vannoy led a group of intrepid amateurs on a morning adventure on Wednesday.  Babs writes: I had an opportunity to photograph in Bellaire last week and took this photo of a bed and breakfast called the Grand Victorian. What a wonderful example of Victorian architecture. This home was built by Henry Richardi in the late 1800’s. He was the owner of the Richardi & Bechtold Woodenware Factory.  The story that’s told says he built it for his intended bride-to-be, but they never married. Oh, well.

Isn’t that a spectacular place? It is. Now I must tell you that I was one of the intrepid amateurs. Babs showed you a glorious Victorian mansion. I will show you . . . a red drinking fountain.

Just not the same, eh?  Ah well.  We took pictures all over the village.  Believe it or not, this glorious white pine and the little house beneath it are right in town.

We took pictures in the Glacial Hills natural area.  We took pictures on the shore of Lake Bellaire.  (That would be Dana in the pink shirt, and Babs in the pink shoes.  Consider it a snapshot.)

Lake Bellaire is a very peaceful place, at least on the surface.  Here’s a toothsome morsel both Babs and I photographed along the shore.  I’m no fool.  I will show you only the version by Babs:

In case you’re wondering, I am pretty sure that is the jawbone of a whitetail deer, and that it died of natural causes.  Of course, they’re all natural, aren’t they?  Even when we’re eaten by fierce muskies.

After all the looking and capturing and looking some more, we went out for brunch.  Again the image is by Babs—I was too busy eating to take pictures:

It’s surprising how much fun you can have wandering around looking – really looking – at the world with photographers like Babs and Dana. Or maybe it’s not surprising at all.