Spooky doings and it’s not even Halloween

Posted on May 7, 2012


For weeks I’ve been on about the famous Perigee Moon. I was going to do this right. I would have a glorious image for Torch Lake Views. Alas, all my best-laid plans came to nought. Naught?


I miscalculated in every possible way, and ended up with this to show for it. Perfect for Halloween. For May, not so much.

And that was the best of a bad lot. I blame it on the big black cloud that poured over the drumlins as I was attempting a little artism. I tried different locations.  I pulled off the road—way off the road—and shut off the lights. I waited. Occasionally a car appeared, its headlights washing over me, the borrowed little camera, the Cowboy up in the rear window. Miss Sadie was down on the floor pretending she didn’t know us. Then the lights came on in a nearby house, a dog barked . . . the Duo barked back. I slunk away.

Wanna see my etchings? No, I didn’t really think so.  But here they are anyway.  If you click on any of the thumbnails you’ll be doomed to a slideshow. Stand warned.

Fortunately, as you might expect, Ken Scott did better.  He posted a time-lapse of Super Moon rising over the West Bay.  It is very cool, and the moon seems to float up and away like a big balloon, but my favorite part was that he was distracted by ducklings.  I am fond of distractions.

  • Babs posted a great moonrise over Torch Lake on Facebook and Katherine put up another from the north end of the lake. I don’t know how to link a TLV post to a photo on a FB wall.  I only know how to do it in the other direction.  But you can probably find both photos if you are a FB fan.