Cora and Gerry become patrons of the Scouts

Posted on March 17, 2012


On Friday Cora Stoppert and I went down to Elk Rapids High School for the annual fish dinner fundraiser for Boy Scout Troop 46.  We were prepared for an elegant evening and we were not disappointed.  This is Edward.  He would be our helper.  Look at all those badges.  (See the one on his chest?  Eagle Scout.  He didn’t tell us.  I had to figure it out for myself later.)

We started with salads.  Scout parents had made many, many kinds of salad and we sampled them all.  One of our tablemates took our photo as a memento of the occasion.

In between trips to the salad bar I wandered out to the kitchen to document the enormous volunteer effort that goes into this thing. I wish I knew all the names but I don’t. The guy on the left, though, is Chef Charles of the world-famous pizza emporium on River Street. He prepare the fish for this fundraiser every year. (He knows his way around a kitchen. Before he opened his extraordinary pizza place he did time at the Culinary Institute of America. When it comes to food, we don’t mess around in Antrim County.)

The fish was really good and the baked potatoes were outstanding.  The Scouts were attentive, refilling water, clearing plates . . . and bringing around the elegant dessert trolley. On the evidence, parents had been baking cakes for weeks.

Half the town turned out to support the fund raiser.  (The other half was over at Lakeland Elementary for the Pinewood Derby.  We’ll take you there in the next post.)

And looky here. There are young families in Antrim County.

To all of you who came last night, a big thank you from Vince Cooper, Troop 46 leader, Rose King, sparkplug, and all the Scouts and their parents. To all of you who plan to come next Friday, thank you in advance, and bring a friend. I don’t see how you can go wrong.

And, um, I apologize to everyone who has slow internet for the excessive number of photos but . . . could you possibly leave any of those great kids out? You could not.