Lemon pepper cod a la Boy Scout

Posted on March 16, 2012


It is good to make provisions for all sorts of eventualities. A person may, for example, find her email access all messed up.

A person may, for example, find her blog commenting all messed up.

To all this I say, Go Fish

In these troubled times, it is good to walk down the road and make a plan with Cora to go have a fish dinner tonight. We can accomplish two things: We can have a nice time over a dinner someone else has cooked AND we can support camp scholarships for Boy Scouts.  If you are from Around Here you can join us.  If you are not free this evening, you can wait until next Friday and go then.  I don’t see how you can go wrong.

I figure a person can never have too many pleasant dinners someone else has cooked, and a person can never have two many qualified Boy Scouts in the neighborhood. A person never knows when even crossing the road might become as complicated as email. If memory serves, assistance with road crossing is something of a Boy Scout specialty. Excellent.

I will tell you all about the desserts when I get back.