Dancing with wolves, remembering Elvis

Posted on January 20, 2012


Margie Guyot can always be counted on for interesting stories.  Maybe it comes of living out along the Flat Road, where she has her Possum Hollow studio.  Or maybe it comes of painting night skyscapes down on the bayshore.  Quite possibly it has to do with an original turn of mind, and a collection of eccentric friends.  In any case, this email arrived today:

The guy who hunts deer on my property sent me these photos. I had NO idea wolves were this size!!!!

My friend Claire, who lives on Old Dixie, told me that wolves have been spotted in Cheboygan County. Wow. And neighbors up towards Norwood have been talking about a mountain lion. Claire said she saw tracks on her property 2 years ago. Todd Warner’s lost a lot of his turkeys, geese, etc. to a predator this summer.

One of my cats got carried off last week by either a bobcat or coyote. He’d slipped outside at sunset & refused to obey his mommy.

Then Elvis, my dearest cat, died in his sleep a few nights ago. I found him laying in the living room. He was old and his heart probably just gave out. I miss him, but I know cats don’t live forever. I’m happy for the years we had together. He’s wrapped up in a white tablecloth, outside in a covered trash can. When the ground thaws I’m burying him and planting catnip over. Will call it “The Elvis Memorial Garden”. He’d have liked that.

In memory of Elvis, a good cat

Well. There you have it. My condolences on the death of Elvis, Margie.   He was a lucky cat, living there on the Flat Road with you.  Feline heaven on earth.

Please note: Margie’s friend was not hunting wolves in Antrim County.   The photo he sent was taken Somewhere Else.   (Until very recently, wolves in the western Great Lakes region were listed on the federal endangered species list.  The de-listing takes effect later this month.  You can read about wolves in Michigan on the DNR site.)

I’ve told you about cougar sightings before, and about Daugherty Johnson seeing the bear.  I’ve seen coyotes and a bobcat myself, but I wouldn’t want you to think there are wolves here.  No indeed.  No wolves in Antrim County.

Margie has a painting in the current Northwest Michigan Regional Juried Exhibition at the Dennos Museum.  It is a painting I admire very much, and if you are from Around Here I recommend that you go and see it for yourself.  It will warm you right up.