Posted on December 17, 2011


This is so exciting. I hardly know what to do first.  OK, I just uploaded four photos in no time at all.  They aren’t especially good photos but they will tell the story, yes indeed.

After a little glitch here and a little glitch there, I had an appointment for the installation of Real Broadband this very morning.  I told Bill Morand to tell the tech that if I didn’t answer the door when he arrived, he should call 911 right away.  Then I unpacked my new cable modem and my new router.

I barely had the coffee made when the Duo were barking the news. Kip the Charter Guy was here. This is Kip. He pulled ladders and cables and mysterious objects out of that truck and set to work connecting The Longed-for Cable to the Writing Studio and Bait Shop.

Kip was intrepid. He was untroubled by bouncy dogs, a suspicious cat, or the high probability of spiders in the Dreadful Crawlspace.

Then he got my new modem and Charter’s system talking politely to each other. This takes awhile. Introducing pieces of electronic communications equipment to each other is almost as challenging as bringing a new cat into the house.


While we waited for all that part, I peppered Kip with questions. He answered ’em all, without a hint of that patronizing air Guys can sometimes take when explaining anything related to computers to Wimmin. He did not once make fun of my haphazard computer equipment. He just made it work. The proof is right here in this pudding of a post.

What will I complain about now that I have Real Internet?!? Ah well. It’s December. Mama Nature will arrange something I’m sure. But for the moment, looky here. It’s a beautiful day.