Blood on the moon out along the flat road

Posted on October 14, 2011


Just when I need it most, friends appear with riches.  It’s been like that all week.  Margie Guyot writes:

Tuesday night I got home from Geezer Band rehearsal around 9 and was so WIRED!  The full moon was calling me.  How could I NOT go out painting?  I’d never gone out doing plein-air full moon painting before, but what the heck — nothing ventured, nothing gained!  I surprised my 2 studio cats when I threw on the lights and pre-mixed a couple colors.  Night painting is pretty easy — you’d only have 3 values: the dark, the sky and the moon.

First stop was Rex Beach.  I drove right down to the water and had the entire coastline to myself (again).  Did 2 paintings there.  The second one was just the moon and a passing cloud.  It was surprising to see the rust tones in the cloud!  All I could hear were gentle waves lapping the shore and an occasional coyote in the distance.  Still, I did turn around once or twice to check that no cougar or bear was about to maul me.

I used low gear to gingerly edge out of the sand and then headed up to Scott Road, where I did a third painting.  It was so much fun, I could have stayed up all night, painting.  But I was out of blank panels.  Surprisingly, I only had to turn on the flashlight a few times.  The moonlight was that strong.

Maybe this winter I’ll venture out in the snow for a full moon painting.