Cloudy is good–I like cloudy

Posted on October 12, 2011


A cloudless sky is like a blank page–boring or intimidating, depending upon whether you are a reader or a writer.  A sky with a bit of cloud sketched in, now, that is a sky that’s trying to work with you.  Give you a hint of a story, or the suggestion of an idea.  Catnip to the distractible mind.  You have to appreciate a sky like that.  I can stand out in the parking lot where I’m waiting to pick up a friend, my head thrown back to see the show, spinning around until I get tangled up in the dog leashes.

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We are expecting to have some fine slate-colored clouds tomorrow, which should set off the remaining leaves nicely.  Throw in a few skeins of geese tumbling about trying to get their migratory arrangements settled and I may have to sit down to watch, skipping the spinning part entirely.   There’s only so much drama a person can handle in a day.