Following the August sun

Posted on August 14, 2011


This has been a remarkable summer all along, and now—for the second year in a row—Babs Young sent a photo of sunflowers without a single Triffid in evidence.  She writes:  The sunflowers are in full bloom up here. This is Maple Bay Farm on US 31 south of Elk Rapids and is now part of the Grand Traverse Land Conservancy.  This is just one small field in front of this great Victorian home built around the turn of the last Century.  Across US 31 are several more fields.

Don’t you wish you had a field of sunflowers like that in front of your house?  You ought to see the rest of the property.  It flows down, down, down through layers of geological time to the present-day beach on Grand Traverse Bay.  You can see clearly where the ancient lake bed used to be, and how the levels dropped.  It’s a nice walk.  Restorative.  Triffid-free.