Shell game

Posted on August 13, 2011


There was a poster in the window at Viola Gallery in Elk Rapids.

OK, I have some spare corals.  When you come right down to it, I have some spares of practically anything you can name, but that’s another post entirely.  Let’s just say I was intrigued by the possibilities.  I asked gallery owner Anne Hutchinson about it.  The Project, it turns out, is hers.  She told me a little about it, but just a little.  I understand that.  When I have a vision I can write it out or I can tell people all about it and never write it.  I’m going to guess it’s pretty much the same for anyone else who is slogging around in the confusion of a creative process.  So I know just the merest morsel about the Project, but that is enough.  My purpose is to assure you that there is a vision, and to let you know that your shells and corals could be part of the vision.  It will take a lot of shells and corals to complete the Project.

Gallery customers have been bringing their travel souvenirs, or shells from their beach in Florida, or corals they collected in odd nooks and crannies of the world.  Each of the gifts has a story, which makes the Project richer.  It is too soon to tell you the stories.  Have patience.

But I can show you some of the gifts.  And I can show you the gallery.

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Stay tuned.  Much more to come.   Don’t you just love a mystery?