Behind the pink screen door

Posted on July 23, 2011


Remember the gingerbread house with its cunning pink screen door?  Today you are invited to step through that door.  This is Patti Findlay, our hostess.  She bought the house when it had Seen Better Days and turned it into the confection known as The Pink Lady.  One might say that the house is now seeing its Very Best Days.

This is the library.  Jack Findlay collects first editions.  Patti collects charm.  They work well together, don’t you think?

Patti used to run the Pink Lady as a B&B.  Guests gathered in this dining room for breakfast.

They relaxed in the garden.

They whispered secrets in the Violet Room.

Meanwhile, Patti made excellent treats and fluffed up the decor and figured out how to wallpaper the bathrooms.

Running a B&B is no job for the faint of heart, but Patti was up to the task.  She and Jack could always retreat to the serenity of the master suite, with its fireplace and sitting area and polished wood floors and custom stained glass window.

The B&B is closed now, except to the steady stream of family and close friends who arrive every summer.  Patti is turning one of the guest rooms into a studio where she will paint and putter and follow her imagination, which I must say is fully capable of leading her into places where unicorns might dwell.  It will be interesting to see what she makes in that studio.  Want to see my favorite spot?

I have lots more to tell you about Alden, but it will have to wait.  It is time for a little nap.