Miss Sadie dove under the bed

Posted on July 19, 2011


It has been awfully hot.   I drift through the days longing for relief.  Be careful what you wish for.  Sunday night Mama Nature sent us a little cloudburst.

It has been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of so much thunder and lightning.  We knew it was coming, of course, but it was so hot that we just went to bed with a book and a nice big glass of water. The big show started with a BLAM!! that levitated me right off the bed and sent Miss Sadie under it.  I thought I should go over to the bluff above the Bay and watch the drama.  Rumble-rumble-boom-BLAM.  OK, maybe not.  But it would be a fine thing to see the Bay all tumultuous and lightning-lit.  BLAM-grumble-grumble-booooooommmm-BLAM.  And then the rain came.  The Cowboy trotted from window to window, keeping alert.  He seemed to have things well in hand so we left him to it.  Miss Sadie stayed under the bed.  I went back to my book.  Good thing, too.

The next day I discovered that my favorite white pine had been decapitated, leaving a splintery stump about 30 feet high and an impressive pile of lumber filling my path to the Bay.  The pine took down a good-sized cedar with it when it fell.  If I’d followed my first impulse and trotted over there to watch the show, you could be having a memorial service for me right about now, weeping copiously next to the remains of the white pine.  Not to mention the remains of Gerry, if you could find any under all that pine.

We’ve been having a lot of storms lately, and all of them seem to take down pretty good sized trees.  Makes a person think long thoughts about living in the woods.  Makes a person want to dive under the bed, but Miss Sadie is already there and she’s not coming out.