Paul’s Truck

Posted on May 2, 2011


This is how the creative process works. OK, part of it anyway. There’s the work, too. Babs writes: Oscar Wilde said in one of his essays that Life imitates art and I believe that is true. He said the people never saw the fogs in London until the artist painted them. So it is with this truck. Charlevoix artist Meredith Krell did a wonderful print of a truck that sits between Eastport and Charlevoix. Now I’ve seen this truck many times, but when I saw her print I decided I had to photograph the truck and so here is my picture of Paul’s Truck. You can see some of Meredith’s work at MerfnSteve.

And here is a screenshot of an image of the source of Babs’s inspiration, just to give you an idea . . .

The print itself is on exhibit in the Northern Lights show at the Detroit Artists Market. If your internet connection runs to something better than sloooow dialup, you can read the entire DAM Northern Lights press release.